“We pursue product and service excellence, through our Quality Assurance Process and Customer Service Standards.”


“We specialise in Japan Food import. We are skilled to impart and educate our customers to know the difference.”


“We are globally recognised for our certifications, extensive portfolio and testimony from our business partners. We desire to create a well-integrated, equitable ecosystem for our valued stakeholders.”


“We embrace cost and service efficiency with the aim to provide the utmost satisfaction for our customers.”



Striving to provide you with an unforgettable
experience, we are committed to ensuring only the
highest quality and service delivered.


With our in house Quality Assurance system, we conduct rigorous checks to deliver only the best. Together with our Michelin acclaimed offerings, the utmost satisfaction is derived from quality over quantity.

With perfectly balanced marbling and a melt in your mouth texture, we provide the perfect formula for your exquisite taste buds.


Forging strong relations with our suppliers, we strive to provide consistent service delivery and prompt responses to any service enquiry. As your satisfaction is our utmost priority, we promise guaranteed returns and strive to personalise each order to cater to your needs.

Undergoing stringent quality and safety assessments, we conform to AgriFood Veterinary Authority (AVA) inspection standards.


We are dedicated to upholding the utmost honesty, professionalism
and ethics in our business. By ensuring full transparency across
various stakeholders, we strive to create a well-integrated,
equitable ecosystem for all our valued stakeholders.


Through the elimination of intermediaries, we serve as a direct platform for our stakeholders to engage together, thereby maximising producers’ profits and providing competitive prices for our customers.

By embracing transparency, we hope to encourage greater communication within and across departments and to provide training and upgrading workshops readily available at their disposal.


Certified by the “Universal Wagyu Mark” we are dedicated in only delivering authentic products. Tied to a unique identification number each livestock remains traceable back to its origin Through this, we strive to provide a fair playing field for our farmers to compete in.


Equipped with our highly skilled workforce, we strive to immerse
our customers in the premium Japanese culinary experience through
the creation of a transparent, authentic and aesthetic ambience.


Being locally grown and sourced from Japan, we guarantee 100 authentic Wagyu genetics. Each livestock is loved and cared for, being raised in a clean and spacious environment.

Together with carefully designed compound feeds, this contributes to world class marbling grade with exceptional, luxurious and unique experiences.


Renowned for their state of the art knife techniques and unwavering passion for details our Nikuyas exemplify precision knife works at the heart of Japanese cuisine, leaving behind minimal wastage.

Being passionate in their field of expertise, our Nikuyas are always available and eager to impart valuable product knowledge continuing their legacy through different generations.