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  Private Farming Programme

With so many regional farms and brands in Japan, getting an exclusive and private brand is a fantasy for many restaurateurs and distributors. At ADiRECT, we have the experiences, the knowledge and the ability to bring this fantasy to life. From private farming to branding and marketing, we have succeeded in creating elusive private brands and farms that are now renowned and sought after by gourmets around the world.
Import & Export Japanese Meat, Pork & Tuna

If arranging shipment, checking for import and export regulations are the thing holding you back from reaching into the global marketing, leave it to us at ADiRECT. With years of experience in the import and export of premium food products to US, EU, Maldives and Dubai, we have the expertise and ability to ensure that your order reaches you in the best quality and service.
  Wholesale & retail of Japanese Meat, Pork & Tuna

If you are starting a new restaurant or need to buy meats for your own like home BBQ parties and looking for the best fresh meat wholesale suppliers in Singapore. Look for us now, we provides delivery services and excellent cut based on your requests.

Meatlovers is window to all meat lovers in Singapore who are craving for a taste of the all-authentic Wagyu, which we fly in directly from Japan and deliver right to your door step. > Read More
Processing Meat

We have our very own processing facility and butchers that are personally trained by Japanese master butchers in the refined art of Japanese meat cutting, folding and packaging. With this knowledge, we are able to cater a huge variety of processed meat to our clients, providing them convenience and quality unrivalled by those processed in Japan.
  Organize Private Branding Events & Food Seminars

Specializing in Japanese premium meat and fish products, we have the expertise and knowledge when it comes to bringing these products to our client’s tables and restaurants. Upon our client's request, we are also honored to share this highly valued and exclusive knowledge with them to assist them in their branding and marketing.
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ADiRECT Group is a premium Japanese food ingredients producer, exporter, distributor and specialists. Our ingredients include the Japanese Wagyu, Kurobuta/Shirobuta Pork, and Otoro Tuna.   

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