Kobe Beef - The Unforgettable Flavor of
Kobe Beef

No cow comes into this world and begins its life as Kobe Beef. Even among "Tajima-gyu" cows, only the chosen few that satisfy specific quality criteria deserve the title "Kobe Beef".

This premium beef comes from pureblood, 100 per cent Tajima-gyu cattle from the Hyogo Prefecture, raised over 30 months. Only cows that have a marbling index of No. 6 or higher, pass a weight limitation and other criteria can be certified as Kobe Beef.


Kobe beef is a harmony of delicate, dignified sweet lean meat and the taste and fragrance of melt-in-your-mouth fat. The secret behind its deliciousness is its so called "shimofuri" fat marbling. The "sash" fatty content of the meat itself will actually begin to dissolve at low temperatures. This means that it will literally melt in your mouth. An abundant content of inosinic and oleic acids has been scientifically proved as factors that contribute to its outstanding flavor.


"Shimofuri" fat marbling

This fine, delicate meat has a high degree of fat marbling that melts at low temperatures.

Lean meat

This meat has tender fivers and its own, unique refined sweetness.