Sanuki Olive Wagyu (Olive Beef)

Sanuki Olive Wagyu is a rare breed of Japanese beef that's exclusively fed a diet mixed with roasted and caramelized olive pressings from the local artisanal olive oil production. The result is a tender, lean, and juicy steak that is the perfect match for your palate.


Japanese Black Beef, a fusion of two histories, only in Kagawa.

Olive Beef is a type of Japanese Black Beef produced in Kagawa from Sanuki cattle that are reared for at least two months on feed containing 100g or more of olives, as defined by the Sanuki Beef Brand Promotion Association. The history of beef in Kagawa goes back 700 years to cattle grazing and in 1882 Shodoshima became on of the first locations in Japan to implement the fattening of cattle. Towards the beginning of the Taisho Period (1912-26), Sanuki Beef established itself as a respected brand in the Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe region. High-quality Sanuki Beef was produced as a result of untiring efforts, a beneficial climate, and local fattening techniques. Similarly, the olive tree is the prefectural tree of Kagawa, and Shodoshima, which was the birthplace of olive cultivation in Japan, boasts over 100 years of history. With the combination of these two legacies, and the success of local cattle farmers on Shodoshima using the leftover olives from olive oil production in feed, the premium Japanese Black Beef, "Olive Beef" was born.


Clean, rich meat with a melt-in-the-mouth umami

The secret behind the deliciousness of Olive Beef is the oleic acid and antioxidants that are so abundant in olives. By using these olives in cattle feed, the fat produced is one of a clean richness, and it draws out the natural softness and umami of the meat. Olive Beef is a brand guarantee for the quality of Sanuki cattle and the deliciousness of olives.

The requirement to be Olive Beef

  • Wagyu Grading system over A3/B3 (Meat Quality and Yield Grade)

  • Grain-fed with Olive Feed for 2 months, 100g/day = about 1.5L olive oil = 18,000pcs of olives